Charlie; now affectionately known as Ralph (Wreck it Ralph)!

Charlie at the beach We have been a Dalmatian owner for eight happy years now and were not actively looking to adopt when Charlie became available, but when my son contacted me regarding Charlie we approached Dawn. We actually thought we had missed out but were really pleased when Dawn agreed to meet us.

At present our new addition to the family is sitting on me helping me to write his happy ending story. From the first moment we saw him on facebook we couldn't help but be drawn in by his doleful look and brown spots. On our first visit it was great to see him playing with his foster home mate Ted and see what a loving playful dog he was.

Reindeer Charlie Only a short time later the papers were signed and Charlie was loaded into the back of the car and we were off for our 4 week probation. The first meeting with our own Dalmatian Oscar went well and as hoped he has given Oscar a new lease of energy. Charlie has brought the boundless energy of a young and daft Dalmatian back into the house which is at times very amusing.

When not laid fast asleep under the coffee table Charlie spends the day following Oscar around nose to tail!

He has even become a blood donor at the Western Australian Veterinary Emergency and Specialist (WAVES) saving others just to make us proud. He has attended university and is helping with the re landscaping of the back garden. He is now laying on me after tea as is the norm now.

Charlie's new favourite activity is swimming down the beach. He is extremely enthusiastic (although that could be the endless stream of polony needed to get his attention) and his inhibition free attitude towards the water is (slowly) coaxing his older brother Oscar into joining him for a swim!
Charlie and Oscar
We are all delighted to have him as part of the family (the cats are warming to him) and are looking forward to many more entertaining days and nights with Charlie as our latest addition to the family.

From Ryan