Lucky; now known as Luxor/Luxy

Luxy, Cleo and Jo at RSPCA Million Paws Walk When Lucky came up for adoption as our 1st DRAWA rescue dog I felt an immediate pull to be the one to offer to foster him. The excitement of knowing he was being collected from the relinquishing family was like awaiting the birth of a baby and I rushed around making sure he had his own new bed, bowl, snuggle rug & toy to welcome him.

When Sarah arrived with him in the car I took one look at him and knew he was going to be gorgeous. He came into the house and Cleo barked like a demented thing but they both had a good old sniff and became instant friends. She has let him know she is the pack leader in their group of two!

Luxy and Cleo He has settled in magnificently. It didn't take long for him to learn ( or remember) how to sit and he has now learnt to stay at the door and wait the command "Avanti" ("Let's go" in Italian) and to come in with good manners. He waits and shakes a paw (he is left pawed) for his meal and waits for "Manga" (Italian for "eat".) We do a few Italian words as a nod to Rob's Italian heritage. It took him 3 goes (with a few treats of cheese) to learn to walk with the Halti and now walks calmly at heel (most of the time.) He has even been off lead up the park (with a long lead trailing behind him so we can catch him if the need arises) and he has returned every time his name has been called! He is a big strong dog for 10 months so congratulations must go to his previous owners for feeding him well!!

He is a bit of a kleptomaniac and has stolen a few things off the kitchen bench - Rob's lunch for one!! But he is learning and looks at you with his big soulful eyes as if to say "I am so sorry, I forgot myself."

Luxy catching some sun After nearly 2 eventful weeks, I found myself thinking more and more that I couldn't bear to part with him - he has settled in as if he has always been here. So, after lots of praise, patience and love and big, long, very active walks up the park and getting to meet and greet all our doggy friends - Rob finally gave in and agreed that we could keep him. We named him Luxor - we're into Egyptian stuff - our other dog is Cleopatra, cat Kyro (Cairo) and Luxy sounds very close to Lucky so he doesn't really notice a difference!!

He was registered with our council yesterday so now - he's officially ours!! I am officially a failed foster parent - but a loving owner!!

From Jo